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The FlickChick Live-Blogs The Oscar 2012 Red Carpet!

Hey Movie Lovers –
What’s better than the Academy Awards red carpet & ceremony, filled with the movie stars we know and love, dressed to the nines and ready to celebrate?

Well….how about the Flick Chick live-blogging ALL of the action with her certified movie-lover style & snark?

Yes, you read that right.

The Flick Chick & her movie-lovin’ partner in crime Blantonious will be live-blogging the Oscar night Red Carpet, from the first starlet’s step out of a limo until Billy Crystal starts givin’ those golden guys away.

Even better….we want ALL OF YOU to chime in & join the party!

At the time of the event (from 6 to 8 pm) you can simply come back here to FlickChick.TV and click the “play” button in the Cover it Live widget below. That’s all there is to it.

We’d love to have you jump in and join us with your comments that evening, don’t worry…no techie experience needed!

Oh yeah, by the way….you DON’T have to love the movies as much as we do (we know, we’re a little wacky), but please — bring your sense of humor!

FlickChick.TV….It’s Awards Show Talk With A Twist!

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A Fresh & Funny New Web Series:

The Flick Chick fills you in on the scoop about a funny & original new sit com web series, TWO DOORS DOWN.

TWO DOORS DOWN is about a (not quite amicably) divorced couple who share custody of their young son, and the complications and humor that results when they are suddenly living two doors down from one another. Set in Columbus, Ohio — the series features creator and director Louie Cowan as the father, a frustrated actor who makes infomercials, and Amber Mikesell as the devoted (and remarried) mother.

The 12 episode series (5 to 7 minutes each) was filmed in an improvisational style such as shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development and the movies of Christopher Guest –all of which are partially scripted and improvised.

Created by Cowan and scOtt Summitt (no, that’s NOT a typo…scOtt really spells his first name that way) —TWO DOORS DOWN also features Summitt as Cowan’s best friend, in addition to a very funny and talented cast of actors who seem to have had a field day with the improvisational style of the series.

TWO DOORS DOWN will officially launch on Sunday, August 21, 2011 with a big Red Carpet Premiere Launch event at 2 pm at Studio 35 Theatre in Clintonville, Ohio. Cast and crew will be on hand to mix, mingle and enjoy a preview screening of several of the episodes, right before the first one hits the web early that evening.

Future episodes of the series will be posted every two weeks and can be viewed on the series website, TwoDoorsDownTV.com.

Click the video to check out the Flick Chick’s thoughts about this very fun web project (and her very personal experience on this series), then click over to TwoDoorsDownTV.com to find out more about it for yourself.


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“KISS ME c/KATE”: 3 Great Actresses, 7 Classic Films

Guess what happens when two life-long film lovers get together over breakfast, discuss favorite flicks and their desire for more film discussion groups here in Central Ohio?

They decide to create one on their own.

That’s the origin of the OSU Theatre and Friends Film-Discussion Group, a newly-formed University and community-based film group that sponsors film series that invite audiences to participate in post-film discussions in person and online. … More

Weekend Box Office Results March 26-28, 2010

Rank Title Weekend Gross Total Gross # of Theaters
The above data are U.S. Estimates only.  
1 How to Train your Dragon $43,300,000 $43,300,000 4,055
2 Alice in Wonderland $17,300,000 $293,100,0 3,384
3 Hot Tube Time Machine $13,650,000 $13,650,000 2,754
4 The Bounty Hunter $12,400,000 $38,812,000 3,074
5 Dairy of a Wimpy Kid $10,000,000 $35,812,000 3.083
6 She’s Out of My League $3,526,000 $25,601,000 2,432
7 Green Zone $3,350,000 $30,440,000 2,557
8 Shutter Island $3,175,000 $120,600,000 2,123
9 Repo Men $3,048,000 $11,342,000 2,519
10 Our Family Wedding $2,200,000 $16,785,000 1,132
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PREDATORS 2010: ‘First Look’

Hey Movie Lovers,

I just returned from the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film & Interactive Confrerence in Austin, Texas.  It was truly an awesome five days of film screenings and technology and film-related presentations and panel discussions.

This Flick Chick was in movie geek girl heaven.

(I’ll have much more on the conference and my experiences in additional postings on here soon.)

I first want to fill you in on some cool info about an upcoming “reboot” of the PREDATOR film franchise.
… More

Weekend Box Office Result’s March 12-14, 2010

Rank Title Weekend Gross Total Gross # of Theaters
The above data are U.S. Estimates only.  
1 Alice in Wonderland $62,714,076 $209,339,432 3,728
2 Green Zone $14,309,295 $14,309,295 3,003
3 She’s Out of My League $9,775,278 $9,775,278 2,956
4 Shutter Island $8,144,133 $108,011,645 3,356
5 Remember Me $8,089,139 $8,089,139 2,212
6 Our Family Wedding $7,629,862 $7,629,862 1,605
7 Avatar $6,526,421 $730,270,443 1,718
8 Brooklyn’s Finest $4,471,932 $21,533,404 1,939
9 Cop Out $4,268,068 $39,480,734 2,882
10 The Crazies $3,680,940 $33,389,308 2,359

Weekend Box Office Result’s March 5-7, 2010

Rank Title Weekend Gross Total Gross # of Theaters
The above data are U.S. Estimates only.  
1 Alice in Wonderland $116,101.023 $116,101.023 3728
2 Brooklyn’s Finest $13,350,299 $13,350,299 1936
3 Shutter Island $13,225,411 $95,750,005 3178
4 Cop Out $9,289,311 $32,504,610 3150
5 Avatar $8,118,102 $720,607,444 3753
6 The Crazies $7,078,851 $27,472,164 2479
7 Percy Jackson and the Olympians:
The Lightning Thief
$5,124,623 $78,057,749 2994
8 Valentine’s Day $4,154,110 $106,303,870 3040
9 Crazy Heart $3,312,591 $29,532,002 1274
10 Dear John $2,782,079 $76,626,086 2496

Oscar Post Mortem: Flick Chick’s Favorite Links

Hey Movie Lovers —

Well, the 82nd Academy Awards have come and gone and as you can imagine, this Flick Chick is suffering from major Oscar withdrawal.

I spent most of “the day after” surfin’ the net and reading backstage scoop, checkin’ out red carpet hits & misses and just indulging in a major post-Oscar binge.

Lucky for you all, I’m now rested (well, kinda) and ready to share some of the the fun goodies that I found while surfing.

Below is a list of links to some of my most favorite Oscar stuff: pics, lists, stories and commentary — basically, lotsa good ‘ol Flick Chick movie-lover geekiness.

Click away & STAY TUNED!



1. Go Fug YourselfHilarious post about Hilary Swank’s Oscar night outfit

(This is one of my MOST favorite guilty pleasure sites. These 2 gals post daily pics of stars on the red carpet & offer up some of the most snarkalicious & witty commentary anywhere on the internet. Definitely check out the rest of their site, especially all of their posts about the Oscar fashions. For snark-lovers, it’s not to be missed!)

2. Jezebel.com – “Acting & Reacting: Faces of the Academy Awards” (Funny captions)

3. Vanity Fair Magazine – Complete Oscar Coverage (Pics, stories & more)

4. Entertainment Weekly – Good scoopage, what you didn’t see backstage

5. Yahoo Movies – Lots of good red carpet and Oscar party pic galleries

6. People Magazine – Tons of Oscars pics, stories, etc.

Seriously y’all…..the links above just scratch the surface. I may add more later, but I have to go to the movies. (Really, I’m late for a screening of GHOST WRITER — so this writer is now signing off. Buh bye.)

30 Years of Best Picture – The Oscars

FlickChickTV 2010 Oscar Picks

Here are the FlickChickTV team’s predictions for this year’s Academy Awards.

Of course, we had to have a little wager on just who would pick the most Oscar winners from all the nominated categories.

So…if The Flick Chick picks the most winners, Blantonious has to sit through 3 of the CHEESIEST MGM musicals known to man.

If Blantonious picks the most winners, The Flick Chick has to sit through ALL 3 Matrix movies.

That sounds about even.

Be sure to join us (and many of our fab & funny online friends) during the red carpet pre-show and Oscar telecast this Sunday, March 7th from 6:00 – 11:30 pm at live.FlickChick.TV to see how it all shakes out.

FlickChick.TV Live-Blogs The Oscars: It’s Awards Show Talk With A Twist.
… More

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