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A Fresh & Funny New Web Series:

The Flick Chick fills you in on the scoop about a funny & original new sit com web series, TWO DOORS DOWN.

TWO DOORS DOWN is about a (not quite amicably) divorced couple who share custody of their young son, and the complications and humor that results when they are suddenly living two doors down from one another. Set in Columbus, Ohio — the series features creator and director Louie Cowan as the father, a frustrated actor who makes infomercials, and Amber Mikesell as the devoted (and remarried) mother.

The 12 episode series (5 to 7 minutes each) was filmed in an improvisational style such as shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development and the movies of Christopher Guest –all of which are partially scripted and improvised.

Created by Cowan and scOtt Summitt (no, that’s NOT a typo…scOtt really spells his first name that way) —TWO DOORS DOWN also features Summitt as Cowan’s best friend, in addition to a very funny and talented cast of actors who seem to have had a field day with the improvisational style of the series.

TWO DOORS DOWN will officially launch on Sunday, August 21, 2011 with a big Red Carpet Premiere Launch event at 2 pm at Studio 35 Theatre in Clintonville, Ohio. Cast and crew will be on hand to mix, mingle and enjoy a preview screening of several of the episodes, right before the first one hits the web early that evening.

Future episodes of the series will be posted every two weeks and can be viewed on the series website, TwoDoorsDownTV.com.

Click the video to check out the Flick Chick’s thoughts about this very fun web project (and her very personal experience on this series), then click over to TwoDoorsDownTV.com to find out more about it for yourself.


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