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INCEPTION: “Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This”

The Flick Chick has seen INCEPTION, and she would like to share.

After reading about this flick during production, and looking forward to it for some time, it’s finally here.

Writer/Director Christopher Nolan‘s follow-up to THE DARK KNIGHT definitely has the internet abuzz.  With an all-star cast, fascinating plot, eye-popping visuals and Leonardo DiCaprio invading dreams — how could it miss?

OK, so the Flick Chick definitely liked it….but did she understand it?

Dream on.

What she DOES understand is this:  INCEPTION is an innovative and intelligent thrill ride that is smart and stylish and enjoys knocking your socks off. It’s just the jolt that this rather boring summer box office needed.

Thank you Mr. Nolan. Sweet dreams truly ARE made of this.

  • Julie Castell

    sounds a bit over my noggin, just sayin’

    • Hey Jules, INCEPTION definitely uses more brain cells than the average Hollywood flick. I still recommend it highly, especially because it is unique and the visuals are stunning. Hey, it has Leo invading dreams, it can’t be ALL bad right? Seriously, I think this flick is gonna clean up at Oscar time….so I suggest you see it now on the big screen as it’s meant to be seen. Let me know if you do.

  • Melissa Fannon

    Will Leo ever win an Oscar! He so deserves one for something!

    • I agree Leo does deserve an OSCAR for something. This year I think his performance in Shutter Island was better, but he may get nominated for Inception because it was such a great movie.

      Great job on the review Kelly. You are right on the money, as always.

    • Hi Melissa, thanks so much for your comment! I too feel that Leo is WAY overdue for an Oscar. This flick will perhaps get him nominated, but like Blantonious — I think Leo may have a better shot with SHUTTER ISLAND. I enjoyed INCEPTION so much more than SHUTTER, but Leo stretched a bit more with Scorcese. Time will tell. If you see INCEPTION, please make sure to let me know your thoughts and thanks again for your feedback! 🙂

  • Melissa Fannon

    Here’s my 2 cents w/out any spoilers:

    Inception was like watching LOST for 6 yrs in 2 1/2 hrs….

    Leo is amazing, sexy, sweet & awesome as usual.

    The kid from 3rd Rock is like watching Keanu Reeves as a younger version.

    The girl from JUNO was like watching a little girl who just isn’t old enough to have the relationship w/Leo. (although – if I was in her shoes – I would try too as well!)

    The wife – loved her – don’t know who she is – but she is very mysterious & almost evil & you love her at the same time.

    I got lost in the “white” layer. Have no idea what was going on in that layer except the visit w/the “one”

    The end: well of course it’s what you want it to be. I like happy endings. So, I’m taking the happy ending.

    W/out giving it away – my husband thinks the 1st person you see is….(you fill in the blank). That was surprising – he’s not usually that intuitive. I think he’s right.

    Let me know what you think Kelly!

  • Clay Lowe

    Very nicely done . . . . you guys are real man.

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