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A Very DESPICABLE Flick Chick

The Flick Chick may not be a huge animation fan….but she loved DESPICABLE ME.


The characters, the story, the voice actors and the overall wacky, irreverent and fun vibe of the whole thing.

Oh yeah. And those minions.

Those hilarious, silly, gibberish-spouting yellow fellas who make the whole flick just a little more worthwhile.

Watch our latest video to see what all the fuss is about.

The Flick Chick may not really be Despicable (yet)…..but man, does she wanna have her own army of those minions.

She’s workin’ on it.


  • Julie Castell

    love your take but not much into animation.

    • Thanks for your continued support Jules! I’m not into animation that much either…but I gotta tell ya, this flick made me laugh. Out loud! If you’re ever in the mood for somethin’ silly, perhaps you’ll decide to check it out. Keep the great comments comin’! 🙂

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