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Crazy 4 KICK ASS!

Ready for the understatement of the year?

KICK ASS is NOT your ordinary superhero flick.

Frankly, it’s not like anything the Flick Chick has ever seen before….but she LOVED it!

Chloe Grace Moretz steals the film as HIT GIRL, an 11-year-old, purple-haired caped crusader with moves like a ninja & a mouth that would make the Hell’s Angels blush. Pay attention to this young gal, she’s definitely goin’ places!

KICK ASS is a refreshing take on the genre with an irreverent sense of humor, but it is also super violent & rated R for a reason.  Listen up folks, this is NOT one for the kiddies.

(Hey, even the Flick Chick had to cover her eyes a few times!)

Think YOU can handle it?

Check out what the Flick Chick has to say and then decide for yourself.


  • Kelly the video is excellent! Your best yet. 🙂 And I think all of them are good. The Carol Brady purple wig is what took it to the next level. 😛

    Oh and the movie is excellent. I love all the references they use to other super hero and sci-fi movies. Looking forward to seeing how it did this weekend.

  • David Medsker

    What I want to know is where you got that Hit Girl shirt. I want one. 🙂

  • Kelly,
    Great review – I hope you get the “call” sometime soon. Hadn’t heard much about this movie, but sounds like something I’d like.

  • Where’s the like button on this site?

    Awesome review.

  • Great video, cool shirt!

    This film really surprised me. From the trailer, it really didn’t look like a film that I’d enjoy. Though, I went to see this on a whim in my quest for a film outing. I’m glad it did, it really rocked! I think Hit Girl really did it for me, when she came on the screen – I was hooked and drawn into the movie!

    p.s. My review on “Kick-Ass,” thanks!


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