Oscar Post Mortem: Flick Chick’s Favorite Links

Hey Movie Lovers —

Well, the 82nd Academy Awards have come and gone and as you can imagine, this Flick Chick is suffering from major Oscar withdrawal.

I spent most of “the day after” surfin’ the net and reading backstage scoop, checkin’ out red carpet hits & misses and just indulging in a major post-Oscar binge.

Lucky for you all, I’m now rested (well, kinda) and ready to share some of the the fun goodies that I found while surfing.

Below is a list of links to some of my most favorite Oscar stuff: pics, lists, stories and commentary — basically, lotsa good ‘ol Flick Chick movie-lover geekiness.

Click away & STAY TUNED!



1. Go Fug YourselfHilarious post about Hilary Swank’s Oscar night outfit

(This is one of my MOST favorite guilty pleasure sites. These 2 gals post daily pics of stars on the red carpet & offer up some of the most snarkalicious & witty commentary anywhere on the internet. Definitely check out the rest of their site, especially all of their posts about the Oscar fashions. For snark-lovers, it’s not to be missed!)

2. Jezebel.com – “Acting & Reacting: Faces of the Academy Awards” (Funny captions)

3. Vanity Fair Magazine – Complete Oscar Coverage (Pics, stories & more)

4. Entertainment Weekly – Good scoopage, what you didn’t see backstage

5. Yahoo Movies – Lots of good red carpet and Oscar party pic galleries

6. People Magazine – Tons of Oscars pics, stories, etc.

Seriously y’all…..the links above just scratch the surface. I may add more later, but I have to go to the movies. (Really, I’m late for a screening of GHOST WRITER — so this writer is now signing off. Buh bye.)

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