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DEAR JOHN, Please Pass The Kleenex!

The Flick Chick discusses the new film adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks bestseller DEAR JOHN.

According to New York Magazine online, because of the unexpected success of DEAR JOHN, there will soon be many films at your local multiplex that will appeal to a usually much-ignored demographic — women, mainly young women.

“The massive $30.5 million opening weekend for the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’s weeper novel has had a profound effect on development executives and talent agencies. Suddenly, the order of the day is to get ahold of the script to Letters to Juliet, Summit Entertainment’s May teen romance starring Dear John lead Amanda Seyfried, in order to use it as a template.”

NYMag.com — After DEAR JOHN Letter, Hollywood Rushes To Meet Tween-Girl Needs

Hmmm….I may not be a Tween anymore, but I like playing one on FlickChick.TV.  More female-friendly films definitely make this chick happy.

So…did I like DEAR JOHN? Is it worth your time & hard-earned money? Check out the video and let the Flick Chick help you decide!

Oh yeah….I almost forgot.

Ladies, remember these two words: “Waterproof Mascara”.

Men: just pass the Kleenex.

You can thank me later.


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