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Amelia (2009)




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Amelia Earhart, a Kansas girl, discovers the thrill of aviation at age 23, and within 12 years has progressed to winning the Distinguished Flying Cross for being the first woman to pilot a plane solo across the Atlantic Ocean. At age 39, she sets out on an attempt to circumnavigate the globe, an adventure that catapults her into aviation myth.

  • Run Time: 111 min
  • MPAA: Rated PG for some sensuality, language, thematic elements and smoking.

Tagline: Defying The Impossible. Living The Dream.

Trivia: The movie shows Earhart finishing third in the first Santa Monica-to-Cleveland Women’s Air Derby in 1929, but does not explain why. At the last stop before the final leg of the race to Cleveland, Earhart and her friend Ruth Nichols were tied for first. Nichols took off right before Earhart, but her aircraft clipped a tractor on the runway and flipped over. Instead of taking off, Earhart ran to Ruth’s plane to drag her to safety. After Earhart was sure that Nichols was not seriously hurt, she took off for Cleveland but finished third largely due to her delayed takeoff.

Goofs: Revealing mistakes: When Amelia asks Putnam to dance with her, music plays as soon as she turns the radio on. Radios of the era had vacuum tubes, which had to warm up before anything came from the speaker.

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