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The Flick Chick has always loved Mel Gibson.

From the very first time she spied his baby blues in Mad Max, the Flick Chick was smitten.

The Road Warrior, Lethal Weapon, Conspiracy Theory, Braveheart, The Patriot, What Women Want.

Good stuff.

Remember him early on with Sigourney Weaver in The Year of Living Dangerously?


Well…Mad Mel has returned from a few years away from the silver screen (and living somewhat dangerously himself, by the way), and the Flick Chick is oh, so happy to have him back.

Should moviegoers rejoice at Mel’s newest turn in front of the camera?

Watch the video & let the Flick Chick help you decide.

Stay tuned!

  • Boy, Mel has aged. May I suggest some botox? He could have a few drinks and then have the needles stuck all over his face.

    Btw, I love your outfit, where do you shop?

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