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“Star Wars: In Concert-The Interviews”

You may not know this, but the Flick Chick loves the entire Star Wars movie saga, and has ever since she was a teen.

Seriously….if it weren’t for that spunky Princess Leia and her somewhat questionable hairdo, the Flick Chick is pretty sure that she would be patrolling & protecting the galaxy from the Dark Side with her true love Han Solo at this very moment.


Oh well, a girl can dream….can’t she?

Flash forward a few years later and back to reality, imagine the Flick Chick‘s geek-girl excitement when she was able to attend the multimedia event “Star Wars: In Concert” at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio.

Not only did a full symphony orchestra play many familiar pieces from the wonderful John Willliams Star Wars scores, but a high def screen showed many of the most exciting moments from the epic six-film saga.  To top it off, C-3PO himself — Anthony Daniels, was on hand to narrate and guide the audience through their journey.


With awesome movie music and clips, cool memorabilia and a huge group of other Star Wars fans to talk with, the Flick Chick was in true movie-lover heaven.

***Click on the Star Wars photo on the upper left of this post to check out the video of the Flick Chick at the concert, interviewing some of the (surprisingly young) fan faithful…and what they had to say about their favorite movie franchise.***


Star Wars: In Concert — The Official Website

Greatest City of AllFrom A Galaxy Far, Far Away….’Star Wars: In Concert’

  • Tiffany Eckhardt

    That was great Kelly and Jason! Those kids are adorable!!!!

  • Lots of fun, better than a trip to Santa . . . love the Star War theme, used it as our opening music when I co-hosted “It’s Movie Time.” Brio, yeah!

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