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Flick Chick reviews ‘FAME’ and ‘Paranormal Activity’

The Flick Chick loved both of these films, and discusses the reasons why with DJ Mark Dantzer during her weekly Friday morning Mix Flick Chick “New In Theaters” segment on Mix 107.9 FM.


With the huge popularity of American Idol and Reality TV, it seems that every young kid today wants to be a star.  Do they have what it takes?  Well, the young kids in the film FAME definitely do…and they’re ready to strut their stuff!

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FAME official trailer

FAME website


Beware of things that go ‘bump in the night.’  The ultra low-budget new supernatural suspense flick Paranormal Activity has serious internet buzz, and became the movie marketing story of the year.  It will creep you out, and most likely make you check behind the shower curtain and under the bed when you get home.  The Flick Chick highly recommends this one…..but see it in the daytime, and don’t go alone!

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PARANORMAL ACTIVITY official trailer


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